Rushing around today everything feels fresher and clean, last nights storm has certainly cleared the air. Good I suspect for everything and everyone, except the farmer who has just cut the hay. I don’t mind the weather being it’s usual contrary self, the cut fields mean that I can run faster and see further. The cut hay agitates everything in the ground and I’m sure we are all more alive.

Spent some time watching a pair of young sparrow hawks. They are recently fledged and are learning to ride the air currents. Gracefully rising and falling, lifting themselves above the field, hovering and seemingly playing together. Periodically diving into the cut grass but lifting off without any prize, early days yet…

I occasionally give chase, without realising the distance above me they fly. I pretend that I had no intention of catching them, realised all along, but am not very convincing, even to myself.

We race further on, no long grass interfering, a full pelt dash.

This afternoon we were caught in a shower, a quick shake and I’m off again.

The cut hay has exposed a lot of holes in the ground, I’m sure there’s something down them…


Long gone I know…but it is exciting…

Wooster dog