Today I’m sorry to say, I have a cautionary tale to tell you all about one of the dangers that lurk in the countryside for we dogs…..the common toad

Suppress your laughter my friends and I shall begin…

The other evening before bed, I was ferreting about in the undergrowth after delicious things and came across a large example of the common toad.

I picked it out of the undergrowth and laid it on the grass, hoping for a game with a new playmate…

He, of course, was not impressed and lifted said toad and moved it out of my reach..

By the time he had turned round, I was foaming at the mouth and feeling very uncomfortable,

He rushed me indoors and rinsed my mouth out with lots of fresh water…I didn’t try to stop him for the taste in my mouth was horrible..

He watched over me like a hawk, but nothing else untoward seemed to happen, I was not sick or palpitating…or looking like I was going to have a fact I ate a little more food and settled down to sleep.

He stayed with me and looked over me whilst I slept…so he says..

During the night I produced more foam and was sick.

In the morning I must say I felt a little peaky and wasn’t myself for most of the day..

It turns out the common toad produces a toxin, when disturbed,to ward off predators, and this can have a very detrimental effect on dogs.

So if you find one, leave well alone, and if you do start to exhibit any of the symptoms..foaming at the mouth, vomiting, palpitations or seizure seek the immediate help of a vet.

I had a poorly day…although he thinks I milked it…


Nothing like a cuddle whilst watching the tele…when you’re not very well..!

Anyway, as you can see, I’m right as rain now…but remember AVOID TOADS..